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Family Guy Shags Ringo Starr (Hilarious)

While the hit Fox animated comedy, Family Guy, typically knows no boundaries, they have proven that even The Beatles fun poking are not off limits. I love the Beatles, who in their right mind doesn’t? But, when it comes to making fun of this iconic band, there are few options. Why? Because, as has been mentioned many times before in this blog, and what is known as common knowledge amongst most of the world is that The Beatles are the greatest and the most successful rock and roll band of all time; see prior blog entries on them! So while you will never read about any of these bloggers on this Beatles fan website ever talking smack about the fabulous foursome from Liverpool, once in a while we may stumble across a funny anecdote and have to transcribe it on here for your enjoyment. That being said, there are two things that surround the band that have always lead to jabbering and fun making: Yoko and of course, Ringo Starr. After the band did away with Pete Best, and hired this Shaggy, English drummer in his stead, many people decided that Ringo was more or less a hired gun, rather than an actual member. The biggest thing about Ringo is his main claim to fame is not his drummer prowess; Ringo was a rather shoddy drummer by comparison to his peers, and was not known as a main songwriter in the group. Many times Ringo would bring songs to the group and they would shoot them down for lack of creativity and many other relevant reasons. It happened so much that they even would joke about it from time to time. Even after Starr penned the hit, “Yellow Submarine” on the classic, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band conceptual album—he was and will never be remembered for being this amazing songwriter. And on a personal note, ‘Yellow Submarine’ is my least favorite of the Beatle’s many hits. I leave you with this classic Family Guy clip to augment this article. In it, the dog and the main character, Peter is talking about a cruise that Brian (the dog) won. When it is revealed that Peter and his wife Louis (who Brain woes over) will be going together, Brian admits that this is a bigger waste of time than Ringo’s songwriting. Then it flashes back to the Beatles in practice. When Ringo presents a new song he wrote for the group, the band laughs it off and agrees to post it on the band fridge for all to see!