November 2011

The Rare Beatles Christmas Albums

With 1967‘s “Christmastime Is Here Again!” the Beatles had fun with playing different characters in a scripted concept album for the holidays.

So this is Christmas... or at least the holiday season is in full swing now that Thanksgiving has passed us right on by. You can see signs of the holiday everywhere you go and hear the classic tunes on many stations of the radio. Many songs by former Beatles have become staples of the season, but there are even some Christmas albums which were released by the Beatles that are lesser known. Do you have all of this music on your season’s greetings playlist?

Why Do The Lennon vs. McCartney Rumors Persist?

Paul McCartney wed his love, Nancy Shevell, in London on October 2, 2011. It was a family affair, with his daughter, Stella, designing Nancy’s wedding dress, and his other kids involved in various ways in the ceremony. 
Unfortunately, it wasn’t all quite Beatles bliss for everyone. Julian Lennon, the son of John Lennon, has publicly complained about not being invited to either wedding. According to “The San Francisco Chronicle,” Julian felt dissed and opined on the snub. 
Julian even posted on his Facebook page, “Wow . . . Snubbed at Macca’s Wedding, Snubbed at the Anniversary of ‘LOVE’ in Vegas! (A Beatles Cirque de Soleil-themed show). Snubbed at Macca’s wedding reception in NYC, last night Snubbed at George Harrison’s Film Premiere . . . What have I done to be ignored in such a way? I was not invited to ANY of these events . . . I thought WE had a relationship . . . Obviously not . . . Gimme some truth . . . Maybe now it’s time to tell the Truth . . . I & My Mother will NOT be eradicated from History . . . How dare they.”