December 2011

George Harrison: the Underrated Beatle

"There are several things about George that sometimes get overlooked."

John Travolta said not long ago that he has a dinner party trick that always initiates a fascinating conversation. He says, “Everyone’s a Beatle. Which one are you?” Did you choose George Harrison? Perhaps not because he is one of the most underrated and lesser understood Beatles. Yet, he is also one of the most fascinating and most talented members of the fab four.
George achieved pop music success again in the 1980s as a solo artist. In fact, many children of the 1980s like myself knew him from such songs as “Got My Mind Set On You" before we discovered the joy of the Beatles’ music. Other popular music he recorded as a solo artist include “When We Was Fab,” which was a nod to when the Beatles were together and being called the Fab Four.